Steps To Plan Event

1. Check to see if your date is available.  Click Here

2. Inform Rock and Thunder that you wish to reserve a date (email, phone).

3. Send in $200.00 fee* to reserve your date.   You can mail your check to:
6411 Wolf Creek Trail
Cedar Rapids, IA 52411

After you have scheduled….

4. Fill out and return your event information sheet.

Four to Six weeks prior to your event….

5. Confirm all details with us (times, songs, etc).  This can take place on the phone, via email, or in person.

6. Fill out and return wedding party introduction sheet (if applicable).

7. Make arrangements for final payment (send check up to two-weeks prior to event, or pay cash at the event).

Day of your event….

8. Rock and Thunder DJs will arrive at the event, get set up and be ready to go at the agreed upon time.

9. Upon the arrival of the wedding party (if applicable) have someone come in and get one of our DJs so he/she can come out and meet the wedding party and get everyone set for the introduction.


* The $200.00 fee to reserve your date is not refunded if you cancel the event. If you have paid additional money above and beyond the initial fee, that money will be returned to you. If you wish to reschedule the event, we will work with you on that.