Do you play requests?
Yes. The bride and groom (or person putting on the event) can let us know ahead of time any songs or types of music that they do and do not want to hear. We also take requests from the crowd. We make announcements throughout the night letting your guests know they are welcome to make requests.

What type of music do you play?
We play a variety of danceable music from 50’s –today’s hits and we try to play a little bit of everything throughout the night. The actual play list varies at every event, dependent on the requests you have made, requests from your guests and what is keeping the people out on the dance floor.

Do you have edited ‘clean’ versions of songs?
Yes, a lot of today's dance music is not clean and we obtain the edited versions of those songs. This is a must for school dances.

What is your attire?
For formal events our attire consists of a white tuxedo shirt, black pants, tuxedo vest (either blue or red), matching bow tie, black socks & shoes. For informal events we have company logo apparel to maintain a casual yet professional look.

What type of equipment (sound, lights, video) do you have?
We use all professional equipment including Peavey & Yamaha speakers and amplifiers, American DJ dual CD players and mixing boards, cordless microphones and laptop computers. Our light show is second to none and was specially designed by us. It features Colored Spotlights that flash to the beat of the music, a Mirror ball, Strobe lights, Helicopter lights, Intelligent lighting, Moon flowers and many more special lighting effects that dance around to the beat of the music. We have video projection equipment including portable / free standing 8' screens and Hitachi video projectors.

s a gratuity required? / Is tipping allowed?
A gratuity is never required.  If you feel the DJs at your event did an excellent job and you want to tip them please do so, it is always appreciated.   Also feel free to comment on our DJs performance by leaving a testimonial here on our web site.

Do you have back-up DJs in case of emergency?
Unless otherwise specified we always send 2 DJs to each event. That alone provides a backup in case something unexpected would happen to one of our DJs on the day of your event. Also since Rock & Thunder is a professional DJ company (vs. a single DJ) we do have a staff of DJs we can call upon in case of emergency.

What happens if equipment fails during an event?
We always bring backup equipment to every event large or small. We have at least 2 amplifiers and 2 cordless microphones at each event. Also we bring a laptop computer that has our entire music collection stored in it. In case of CD player or mixing board failure the entire show can be run from the computer. For shows being run entirely off the laptop computer (for example a karaoke show) then a second laptop is brought for backup.

How long have you been in business?
We have been in business since 1989.

Do you charge for travel?
If your event is in Cedar Rapids or Iowa City there is no charge for travel. Otherwise if your event is over 30 miles from Cedar Rapids there will be an extra charge. See our pricing page for details.

How many events have you performed at?
Since staring business in 1989 we have performed at over 1,800 events.

Do you perform a lot of weddings?
Wedding receptions make up 90% of our business.

Do you perform at smaller in-home parties?
Yes, we have performed DJ and karaoke services for basement, garage and backyard parties. Contact us with your specific needs and we will quote you a price.

May I see you perform at an event?
Most events we DJ are of course private parties but arrangements can be made for you to take a look at our system in action.

How much do you charge?
Click on the prices link on the left of this page for our prices.

How long do you play? / Can we extend the dance?
We have a variety of packages for different events. We can play anywhere from 1 hour to 8 hours or more. With any package you can always add extra hours at your event - we don’t stop until you do.

Are you able to play continuous music? / Do you take breaks?
We do not take breaks, we keep playing until you are done!

Do you have karaoke?
Yes we do have karaoke. This is available as a stand-alone service, or can be added to any dance package.

When do you set up? How long does it take you to set up?
Unless otherwise specified we set up before your guests arrive. We allow ourselves 1 hour to set up but under normal conditions it does not take that long.

Is the set up and tear down time included in the hours we bought?
No, the hours you pay for are the hours we play music. We do not charge for set up or tear down.

Are there any special needs for your equipment?
Nothing special, all we need is a standard 8 ft. table for our equipment, and 1 smaller table either behind us or off to the side to hold our music and of course electricity.

What is your cancellation policy?
The $200.00 fee to reserve your date is not refunded if you cancel the event. If you have paid additional money above and beyond the initial fee, that money will be returned to you. If you wish to reschedule the event, we will work with you on that.

Do you need to be fed at the wedding reception?
This is entirely up to you, it is not a requirement but since the DJs are the first ones to arrive and last ones to leave, we do appreciate being allowed a meal. If allowed to eat and it is a buffet, our DJs wait until all of your guests have gone through before going through the line.

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